Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro for NCAI President

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“More urgently than ever, Indian Country needs focused advocacy, presence, and impact in Washington D.C. to ensure the strength of our Tribal nations. The tip of that advocacy arrow is NCAI, the oldest, largest, and strongest Tribal sovereignty advocacy organization in the country.”

A strong NCAI means a strong voice for Indian Country. As tribal nations, lets come together to harness and amplify our voices, to strengthen our sovereignty for future generations.

Native News Online Candidate Interview.

Join Native News Online’s publisher and editor, Levi Rickert, for an engaging conversation with Chairman Mark Macarro, who is running for the presidency of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).


Priorities and

  • Protect and Advance Tribal Sovereignty
  • Uphold Trust & Treaty Obligations
  • Strengthen NCAI
  • Sharpen Washington D.C. Advocacy
  • Meaningful Funding for Tribal Law Enforcement
  • Strengthen NAGPRA
  • Protect Sacred Places and Spaces
  • Increase LandBack Transfers and Co-Management
  • Support Alaska Native Hunting and Fishing Rights
  • Support Congressional Action to Immediately and Permanently Protect the Right of Alaska Native People to Engage in Subsistence Fishing in Alaska’s Navigable Waters
  • Advance the Incorporation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into All Levels of Federal Decision-Making

Dispute Between UC Berkeley, Pechanga Tribe over Artifacts

As tribal chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians in California, Mark Macarro advocates for tribal, state, and federal policies that promote the tribe’s political self-determination and economic self-sufficiency. In addition to serving as a leader of the Pechanga Band, Mark Macarro maintains a commitment to tribal rights and serves on the board of the Native American Rights Fund, a nonprofit legal body that protects tribal rights around the world.

ABC 7 News – Land fight resolved; sacred mountain returned to IE tribe


But this past July the tribe began secretly negotiating with Granite to buy the land in order to preserve the site they consider sacred.”The mountain is our people’s place of creation for all Luiseno people,” said Macarro.
For the past seven years the site has been referred to as the Liberty Quarry project but from now on the Pechanga Band of Indians want it know by its tribal name: the Pu’eska Mountain.

The Press Enterprise – Why a newly signed water agreement is good news for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians

“Generations of tribal leaders have fought from the courts to Capitol Hill to protect this vital resource for future generations. This settlement agreement benefits all of the parties by securing adequate water supplies for the Pechanga Band and its members and encouraging cooperative water resources management among all of the parties.” Macarro said in a news release.

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